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L E C T U R E R S :

Writer/Agent/main Lecturer:
David Campiti He's the founder/head honcho of international creative studio and agency, Glass House Graphics. David is an American comic book writer and the Seminar's main lecturer. David lends his longtime experience in the field to our local talents serving both as teacher and agent for comic book artists abroad.

Wilson Tortosa One of the country's most promising young talents, Wilson currently does artwork for Battle of the Planets (G-Force/Gatchaman) for Image/Top Cow comics. His pencilling style has been extremely popular with young Pinoy artists who seen him as a sort of cult hero in the local circles.

Jinky Coronado Model/writer/creator/co-artist of the phenomenal hit Banzai Girl comics form Sirius Comics in the USA. (Publicity has appeared in FHM Philipipnes, Play, Femme Fatales, Wizard, and other publications.)

Carlo Pagulayan - He's the penciler of New X-men, Emma Frost and Elektra from the Marvel Knights line. He had done some pages for the WTC Tribute Book together with the best of the best of the comic book industry.

Jeffrey Huet

Jonathan Lau

Rain Beredo

Tina Francisco

Comic Artist Guests:


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